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The fact is the markings that are stamped, painted or impressed on the underside of most antique items can help you tell a great deal about a piece other than just who made it.The name of the pottery manufacturer and an approximate date of manufacture can be discovered if the piece of pottery has a backstamp or the silver item has a hallmark.For example, many countries rich in silver, whether already in the form of artistic or decorative items or as a pure metal, exchanged it for Chromium or other related materials used in making weaponry and dynamite.In fact, many countries, including the US, changed the standards of how much content of pure silver a decorative or utilitarian item may have so that it can quickly be converted to currency without much chemical processing.

Some makers continue to use the “STERLING” mark in place of “925” even today.Silver jewelry marks are the hallmarks found on silver jewelry to help identify the composition and source of the jewelry.At a minimum they include the purity marks that indicate the silver content, and can also include the maker’s mark (or signature).Vintage jewelry from other countries may have European purity marks, such as “585” for 14K gold and “750” for 18K gold, as shown in the photo below.Watching the experts at antique roadshows or on auction house valuation days, you probably wonder just how they get so much information about a teacup, vase or a piece of silver simply by turning the item upside down.

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You can also use the Pictorial Marks to locate symbols and the Initial Marks to identify initials used by a company when you don’t know the company name.