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The site has since grown to reach members in over 130 coutries across the world.

I personally thought it was a ridiculous idea back in the day.

An industry veteran that has done work for some of the biggest dating companies on the face of this earth.

Because I love it, despite my continued fascination with all things British.

I was less than two glasses into my celebratory box-o-sangria when my agent emailed me regarding a new book called “Data, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match.” This was not good. And even though her first date with the man who was to eventually become her husband took place at the Franklin Institute, I still live in the city that houses the Franklin Institute. I was actually studying abroad at the time, and online dating wasn’t even a blip on the radar for me.

I have a Google Alert set up to keep myself up to date on the latest online dating news and I’d seen something about a woman coming up with some new JDate algorithm but the associated news story was taking too long to load so I filed it away in my folder of “Things to Blog About” and got back to revising my book proposal. So there.) At any rate, I decided that I needed to read the book. So I decided to forgive Webb for publishing a good book before I got the chance to publish a good book (after all, it’s not her fault that she’s older than me).

(And seeing as she high-tailed it out of Philadelphia as quickly as she could upon the successful conclusion of her project, I feel perfectly justified in claiming the City of Brotherly Love as my own.

” So not only did Webb tell the story that I wanted to tell but she used my city to do it.

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It’s a mutual relationship where a hot young girl gives her time to a rich man in exchange for financial support.

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