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Peer to peer chat for adults

The current study reports on learner outcomes only.

Measures include computer, social support, and mental health-related outcomes.

Peers provide callers with important resources and information about mental health and substance abuse.

More importantly, peers are able to offer support and understanding as they have firsthand experience with mental illness and/or substance abuse.

A key component of social work ethics is social justice and equitable access to resources. This study addresses issues related to the 'digital divide' by testing a peer tutor model (Technology and Aging Project, TAP2) to teach adults aged 60 and older how to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as email, the internet, online chat rooms and discussion groups, internet-based support groups, and voice technology and webcams.

Participants from the control group of a previous programme, TAP1 (N=19) participated in a six-month computer training programme.

Learning to navigate this pressure by making increasingly independent decisions is an important part of an adolescent’s developmental preparation for independent adulthood.

They could be your classmates or friends, for example.

However, peer pressure is strongest among teenagers.

This lesson will improve your English speaking ability and give you ideas on how to handle peer pressure.

Lacking a strong internal locus of control, identity, or sense of agency, these teens may passively follow the suggestions of their peers as if they were commands, passively following along regardless of the consequences.

In these cases the teen needs help developing a strong enough internal compass and sense of self to confidently make independent choices.

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Pressure to give our kids every possible opportunity—In our activity centered life too many of us forget that the best opportunity we can give our kids is simply the opportunity to Pressure to move up the corporate ladder---We have to weigh carefully how much time and energy we want to pour into our career, especially if it will take away from our family.