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World of dating limited

When we first begin dating, it should be for the purpose of social development-that is, learning about the opposite sex and the many differences in human personality, values and temperament.

Geraldine Wilder is an interspecies matchmaker with a 100% success rate.

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If you have reached this point, you must really value what we produce and read us a lot.

Human, feline, canine, bear, dragon or alien – Gerri can help anyone find their perfect match.

Radiocarbon dating is a method of estimating the age of organic material.

We’ll contrast the modern dating culture with godly dating practices.

We’ll share with you some frank answers about the consequences of premarital sex and popular myths about sex.

A society is only as strong as its marriages and families. Parents should determine when their children are ready to date based on their maturity and readiness to accept responsibility for their actions.

The foundation for a good marriage is laid long before the wedding ceremony. Before parents allow dating, they should teach and encourage their children to follow biblical standards rather than turning them loose to do whatever comes naturally.

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